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California Gay Friendly, Lesbian and Gay Financial Advisors network.

Reach your financial goals whether they be short term or long term, with the help of a dedicated professional that can help you plan a strategy to take care of your wealth for the future.

Gay and lesbian couples need to plan for retirement the same way as any couple does. our resource is here to connect you with an individual who wants to work with our community. This way you can sit down with your partner and plan together your financial future in a comfortable gay friendly environment.

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Carol Grosvenor CFP - CG Financial Services

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Phone: 323-222-4622

Make your retirement a little more worry free...
Let me help with the planning of your financial future, let me use my knowledge and experience to help you set out a plan for a comfortable and secure retirement.

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Thomas Donnelly. JD, CFP - Calamus Financial Planning

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Phone: 323-304-9297

I love working with people to help define their values about money and set measurable goals for the future. I take pride in guiding my clients through the financial planning process and giving them a custom roadmap to the future they want!

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San Francisco Financial

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Your Location Financial

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Bringing you the best in financial advisors serving the glbt community!